Latest Shape collaboration: Colin was commissioned to create 'People's Postcode Lottery Sponsors Emmerdale' (2021) for the 2021 Shape Open, All Bound Together?

Colin Lievens is a London-based writer, seamstress, and performance artist. Working across various media including collage, video, tattooing, and bad dancing, their practice explores queerness, collaboration, and fan art, from their perspective as a person on the trans, autistic, and aromantic spectrums.

Often drawing on pop culture, their work is both playful and political. Lievens often uses references to things like Emmerdale and internet memes, while discussing things like queer community, non-romantic love, and medical transition.

Most importantly in their practice, Lievens aims to represent themself, their identity, and their experiences as genuinely as possible, because people like them don’t often get represented in mainstream media.

On a dark purple sheet of fabric is the corner of a pillow dyed with a fade of green to pink. A very finely detailed embroidered logo of ‘People’s Postcode Lottery’ covers the fabric with a fine white stitch following the edge of the logo.

'People's Postcode Lottery Sponsors Emmerdale' (2021)

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Banner image: 'People's Postcode Lottery Sponsors Emmerdale' (2021) by Colin Lievens. Description: Placed on a bed with a white headboard is a pillow dyed with a fade of green to pink with the words: “COMMUNITY, IT MATTERS” in large letters on the front in red fabric.