Title: Mental Frame

Artist: Simon Raven

Year: 2013

Medium: Painted wooden frame samples

Dimensions: 200cm (w) x 10cm (h) x 2cm (d)

The word 'Mental' is sculpted from a collection of ornate picture frame samples, placed together to suggest a 'heavy metal' band font. The work chimes with a contemporary use of the word 'mental', as a catch-all phrase to denote  something extraordinary, or difficult to describe (often in a positive light: 'that show  was mental!' etc) I think this resonates with shifting attitudes towards mental health. Another reading of the work in a disability context is to think about the 'invisibility' of mental health. Having the word 'Mental' written large might be a reminder that all art, and assessments of cultural or social difference/value, is made 'in the mind'.

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