Latest Shape collaboration: Djofray was shortlisted for the 2023 Adam Reynolds Award programme.

Artist statement: Djofray Makumbu is a British Congolese artist born and based in East London. His work draws on his own personal experiences and those of the people close to him, and he often collaborates with friends and family.

Recent projects have focused on the shame and stigma of mental health difficulties and disability, the pressures and violence of inner-city life from the perspective of young people and the joy of music and dancing.

Djofray works predominantly in moving-image, bringing together different techniques combining stop-motion animation, video footage and hand drawn/painted elements which are sometimes presented alongside live performances or dance. Each element of the work is carefully self-made, from hand built sets and hand stitched garments for Claymation characters, to soundtracks that are developed closely with Djofray’s brother.

Image of a plasticine model of a black man with long dreadlocks.

Plasticine puppet created by Djofray Makumbu.

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Banner Image: Courtesy of the artist. Out of this world, SPACE Billboard Commission, 2022.

Image description: A landscape digital illustration of many cartoon-like characters filling the space. Set on a clear sky backdrop with a mound of green to the left of the image, each part of the illustration is filled with multiple characters doing various tasks.