Latest Shape collaboration: Hannah was a selected artist for the Adam Reynolds Award Shortlist in 2022, where she exhibited as part of the shortlist exhibition, The Many Costs of Living.

Artist Statement: Hannah Hill (she/they) is an illustrative artist specialising in hand embroidery and textiles from London. My work tells human stories, full of bold colourful motifs representing history, sex, disability, politics and emotions. Im inspired and motivated by humans 40,000 year connection with the needle and thread which connects us across the globe through time and space. My mixed identity of Indo-Guyanese and European informs my anti-colonial perspective while chronic pain and disability also determines much of my practice. My art is about everyday life, history and feelings through the medium of textiles.

Sex-Worker Still Life, 2020. Image courtesy of the artist.

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Banner image description: A landscape image of an embroidery work on cream fabric. 18 embroidered motifs in bright colours are arranged in a 3 by 6 grid across the image. The motifs are of various objects including trainers, a smartphone, classical paintings etc.