Latest Shape collaboration: Shape Arts supported Hattie in 2022 during the release of their recent exhibition 'The Words Escape Me'.

Artist Statement: Hattie Porter is a self-taught soft sculpture and textiles artist based in Bristol, United Kingdom. Their artwork explores personal experiences of health and illness as a non-binary autistic person. Hattie is keen to speak to collaborators and partners who have an interest in their practice, to explore future commissions, projects, and conversations to which their insight and creative skill can be of value.


Infront of an off-white wall, a hand holds up a glass jar with a red lid. Inside is a long stuffed string of pink speckled and plump fabric with words embroidered into the fabric. Only parts of words are visible.

Image of work by Hattie Porter

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Banner Image: On an off white background is a square of white fabric with rounded edges. Across the entire expanse of fabric are small lines of red embroidery, with loose ends of red thread feathering the surface.