Latest Shape collaboration: Joud was shortlisted for the 2023 Emergent bursary with Baltic and Shape Arts.

Artist statement: Joud Fahmy was born in 1994 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Her practice involves Exploring Women voices and expression through the translation of concepts such as family dynamics and gender roles into tangible works of mixed-media sculptures and audio-visual productions. She is interested in initiating dialogues between the traditional and modern and her artwork aims to transcend societal barriers and limitations by being a catalyst for shifting meaning and reshaping culture.

Rooted Strength: the generation of women who shaped our lives (2023), Joud Famhy - image courtesy of the artist

In 2021, Joud received her Graduate Diploma Art & Design in Fine Art from Royal College of Art, where she is currently doing her MA in Contemporary Art Practice. She represented Saudi Arabia as a Judo Olympian in Rio De Janeiro (2016) and was selected for the Hayy Learning Programme by Art Jameel (2019). Joud has also been the recipient of Maan Grant, by Athr Foundation (2020), and a participant in the Contemporary Art Summer School at the RCA in 2021 and in the ISTIKSHAF program with the Goethe Institute in Berlin in 2022. Exhibited at Tate Modern Late and Leighton House Museum in 2023.  

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Banner image: Body to Earth, Earth to Earth, Earth to Body, Body to Earth (2023), Joud Fahmy - image courtesy of artist. Image description: A landscape photograph of a large sculpture in a plain bright room. Emerging out of a layer of soil on the floor is a large wire-like structure covered in red or green material to highlight the lines.