Banner Image: Image courtesy of artist.

Latest Shape collaboration: Kaiya was shortlisted for the 2022 Emergent bursary with BALTIC and Shape Arts.

Artist Statement: 

Sickness, being, fucking, caring, menstruating,
writing, soreness. Sleeping.
Image, surface, and throwing stones. Scale.
Precarity, alternative economies,
light, mass, and everything you can see is holding you.
Pluralities, multitudes, murmurings.
Leaps of faith. 

I am a chronically ill writer, designer, and publisher from Aotearoa, living in London. My writing has been featured in Counter Signals 5: Systems and their Discontents (forthcoming), AIGA Eye on Design (forthcoming), Ache Magazine, Sick Magazine, DreamsTimesFree and others. I have had work exhibited at Lunchtime Gallery, South Kiosk Gallery, Transmediale and Alchemy Film & Arts, and have given talks and workshops for NN Contemporary, Control Shift Network, Dash Disability Arts, the Remote Body and more.

Alongside Sophie Paul, I co-run Sticky Fingers Publishing. We started working together out of a shared concern for what knowledge feels like, and since have developed Sticky Fingers into a feminist intra-dependant print publishers working with over 75 writers across the last three years to publish work too terrifying, messy or fragile to be published anywhere else. We are concerned with feminist, queer and crip publishing methodologies and prioritising work dealing with these politics.

Currently, alongside running Sticky Fingers Publishing I am an associate lecturer on the BA and MA Graphic Design programme at Camberwell College of Art; a context tutor on BA Design at Goldsmiths University; I am one third of design trio Access Power Visibility working on Healing Justice London’s Death by Welfare project; and a freelance writer and designer.  

A landscape image collage on a black background. An image of SpongeBob squarepants and Patrick Star is central, overlayed over a portrait mono print of a DWP form.

Image courtesy of the artist.

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Image description: Photograph showing an image projected onto a large screen or monitor. It appears to be a still from a moving image artwork, capturing a moment at which an art historical painting of a nude woman, lying on the ground with her head hanging between her shoulders, amongst fauna, is overlaid with fragmented pixels from a photograph of a woman lying in bed. Captions on the image read “the screen of my phone.”