Latest Shape collaboration: Keira Fox was a featured artist in 2022's Adam Reynolds Award Shortlist Exhibition, 'Empty When Full'.

Artist Statement: Keira Fox is a London based artist whose practice includes performance, sound, installation, choreography curation and often works in collaboration with makers, musicians and friends. Her ongoing research is centered around socio political struggle and its impact on the body, mind, vulnerable communities and how this manifests. Her most notable project being one part of the performance duo New Noveta who she has performed and exhibited with internationally since 2012. She was also part of the industrial noise/gabba act Maria and the Mirrors for some years as well as running the notorious London based bat cave club night Brzina from 2016-2019. She is now working on a new incarnation The Ladies Club in collaboration with Artist Katie Shannon centered around trauma and mania.

Most recent shows include the performance and installation K.A.T as part of the Ester Krumbachova retrospective, still showing at The House of Arts, Brno until March 2022, the performance Wrench for Mocvara Gallery, Zagreb June 21 and more recently hosted The Ladies Club at Soda2123 space in Vilnius.

Upcoming projects include a new site specific performance for Wuppertal Opera House under the title "Wuppertal kämpft" as part of New Noveta, June 22 and a solo project for Heretics project space, Peak District Sep 22 plus more tbc.

A still from a video. A woman with long grey hair stands close to the camera infront of a grey beach. Her face is pixelated and distorted, blurring her facial features.

Angoscia, (2021) by Keira Fox

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Banner image: Still from K.A.T Performance with New Noveta at House of Arts, Brno for the Ester Krumbachova retrospective Nov 2021. Image description, Keira stands central to the image in a white walled room. She wears all white and has long dark hair that is tied back. One arm is raised over a small grey object she holds in the other hand.