Latest Shape collaboration: Li Yilei was a featured artist in 2022's Adam Reynolds Award Shortlist Exhibition, 'Empty When Full'.

Artist Statement: Li Yilei is an artist and composer known for their experimental music, live art, and sonically-inclined site-specific installations.

Li’s body of work and musical releases reflect their practice of alternative modes of listening and existence, as well as the interdisciplinary documentation of phenomena. Being on the autistic spectrum, Li’s sensory processing issues have significantly informed their creative process, and their work can be perceived as a product of this navigation.

Li kneels on the floor by a large stack of white cassette tapes. Li has long dark hair and wears plain white clothes. They hold a tape and player in hand.

'Three Breaths' (2018), photo by Joan Low.

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Banner image: Li kneels on the floor holding a circular globe light over their face. They wear all black and are in front of a white wall. Photo taken by Joan Low.