Latest Shape collaboration: MH Sarkis was a featured artist in 2022's Shape Open, In The Mirror. Sarkis has also previously shown work in the Adam Reynolds Award Shortlist Exhibition, 'Empty When Full' and the 2018 Shape Open

Artist Statement: Through a blend of mediums including textiles, CGI, film, responsive robotics, and machine learning, MH Sarkis's work explores relational dynamics, female experience and soft power within frameworks of potential posthumanisms and techno-protopias.

Sarkis is a recent Goldsmiths MFA graduate and winner of the 2021 Almacantar Award. Recent shows include the London Grads Now show at the Saatchi Gallery. 

Sarkis lives & works in London, UK.

Hung on a long white wall is a brown and white swirling tapestry titled ΞXIT by MH Sarkis. Sarkis sits below the tapestry leant against the white wall. One knee is raised and Sarkis sits in a relaxed pose.

'ΞXIT' by MH Sarkis

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Banner image: A slight birds eye view image of a gallery space with dark green painted walls. MH Sarkis wears a black skirt and top with small black heels. She walks across the space from a filled vitrine work titled LIMΞRΞNT to a brown and white swirling tapestry titled ΞXIT and appears slightly blurred.