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There are two ways to experience The Mine that offer BSL interpretation:

  • A BSL Tour of The Mine (Youtube Playlist, approx. 25 minutes duration)
  • A filmed walkthrough with BSL interpretation (approx. 20 minutes duration)

The BSL Tour provides translation of all objects in the game and their accompanying information. The walkthrough provides an overview with translation of selected artefacts.

BSL Tour of The Mine

Filmed walkthrough with BSL interpretation

Banner image description: In-game screenshot. Perspective limited by the reach of the torchlight. The torch is being shone directly at a crumbling brick wall, highlighting a round space of visible graffiti. In black, scrawled text, ‘Human Ballast’ is written. The text is then further outlined in neon green, indicating it is an interactive object. In the top right corner of the image, a white sign language symbol has been superimposed.