Title: Dry Ice on Water (series)

Artist: Alice Dass

Year: 2009

Medium: Digital Photograph, Inkjet Print

Dry Ice on Water 1

Dry Ice on Water 2

Dry Ice on Water 3

Dry Ice on Water 4

Dimensions: 40cm (w) x 30cm (h) x 1cm (d) 

A series of 4 framed digital photographs depicting carbon dioxide gas released as dry ice melts in water. Cloudy, white, ghostly wraiths of gas against dark water. These images resulted from an experiment where frozen pellets of carbon dioxide (dry ice) were dropped into water.  As the pellets melted, plumes of carbon dioxide gas spiralled upwards, and it was possible to achieve different effects by blowing just above the surface of the water.

As a wheelchair user, Dass was in a perfect position, not just for blowing, but for photographing these effects.  The misty, ethereal quality reminds me of the early days of photography in Victorian times, and in particular with the fascination of photographing ‘fairies’, or the ectoplasm of spiritual mediums.

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