Title: Animals of the Caribbean

Artist: Jack Haslam

Year: 2016

Medium: Silkscreen print

Dimension: 42cm (w) x 59.4cm (h)

Animals of the Caribbean, was inspired by a field trip Jack Haslam made to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve in June 2016. Haslam trip had been largely funded by the Learning Disabilities Partnership in London and the idea of the visit was to sketch in the wild and produce monoprints in his hotel room where he had set up a small studio on the balcony. Haslam had previously visited the reserve when he was ten years old and had made some drawings. The wildlife was truly inspiring with many different species all living in harmony with one another. Haslam remembered in particular a Giant Tortoise and watching a monkey family in its natural habitat for the first time. Seeing those animals enormously influenced and helped his development as a wildlife artist.

"In all my animal encounters I like to observe but not touch which I feel would spoil things, I’m not sure why." - Jack Haslam


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