Latest Shape collaboration: Tilly was a shortlisted artist for the 2023 Adam Reynolds Award programme.

Artist Statement: Tilly is excited by narrative story telling and the delicate entanglement of humour and fear, looking at visceral senses through horror. They’re excited by mystical mundanity, the gaps around us (metaphorical and physical) being a seedbed of fantasy of self, objects and our surroundings. They work with collage as a way to try and make physical objects/ 3D/ animation have fun and play! Tilly has worked with The White Pube, Arebyte, Shape Arts, QUAD, and they are currently a committee member at Market Gallery, Glasgow.

 A thin white metal cuboid frame stands on one end in an overgrown field in front of a clear blue sky.

Image courtesy of artist.

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Banner image description: A still image of many dark horses running across a body of shallow water at sunset. A woman on a toy horse is superimposed over the image, with it's front legs raised slightly, suggesting it is following the other horses.