Latest Shape collaboration: Shape Arts supported Victoria in 2021 during a new piece of work 'Welter'.

Artist Statement: Victoria is an artist and practice-led researcher, and has presented work nationally and internationally throughout the UK, Europe, USA and Canada. With an initial conservatoire training in dance and somatic practice (1998 - 2004), her primary medium and material is the body. Her work includes actions, interventions, time-based sculpture and video, being presented in museums, galleries and festivals in performance art, fine art, and choreographic contexts.

Her current artistic research is orientated within the field of autistic perception and sensory differences, drawing on lived experience, creative practice and philosophy. In particular, she is currently immersed in understanding sensory trauma and PTSD within the autistic community and autistic sensory life-writing.

A person with dark long hair is leant forward to reveal their spine and shoulder blades. They wear a grey loose fitting top and the backdrop behind is dark. A light above highlights the person.

Image: 'Welter' by Victoria Gray.

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Banner Image: Courtesy of the artist. 'Ballast' by Victoria Gray. Description: A person with long dark hair lies on the floor facing away from the camera in a room full of people sat on the floor. The person wears only a pair of black jeans. Their back is bare.