Banner image: courtesy of Kasra Jalilipour, one of the inaugural Emergent cohort in 2022.

Emergent is a project aimed at addressing and tackling the entrenched marginalisation and under-representation of disabled people in the arts sector and wider society. The main focus is creatives at an early stage in their career (including re-emerging artists) who need support in order to continue.

We know that emerging artists are often at a critical stage where the right opportunity, accompanied by the right kind of support, can make a huge and lasting difference to how their careers develop. We are also aware of the need for mentors who have similar lived experience as well as expertise in their practice area.

Emergent is designed as a hybrid programme. We believe this is important as we move away from the pandemic conditions to find that much has changed, and new ways of working and making art are happening. By 'hybrid,' we mean including both in-place and online ways of working, including the making of new artworks and the sharing of creative experiences with audiences.

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