Funded by Arts Council England, Shape is delivering the Shape Transforming Leadership Programme 2020 – 2023.  

In this Programme 2020-2023 we focus on survival, rethinking and creative growth of diverse creative businesses and artists, including barriers-facing disabled talent working in the freelance or gig economy.   

The Shape Transforming Leadership Programme 2020-2023 explores what tools and strategies those diverse organisations and talents need to further their careers towards more control, wider business opportunities, clearer ideas and strategies about how to lead your own career, as well as learning the more hard-skills around business development and income-generating strategies for creative success.   

And in difficult times of Long Covid, inflation, recessions and so on, just how do you pivot to growth in such conditions while keeping your unique creative vision and making that the selling point? Shape’s Transforming Leadership is showing several organisations and artists how. 

Working with a host of exciting partners and mentors, Shape’s ultimate aim of this programme is to create the landscape for a new cohort of 21st century disabled creative leadership to develop, thrive, lead and be visible.

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Banner Image: Tony Heaton and Carmen Papalia laugh and smile close to the camera.