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All four newly commissioned artworks in The Many Costs of Living are being displayed on Jack Arts' billboards across the UK from March 13th - 26th 2023. If you spot any of the works in the wild, we would love to see your photos! Tag us on Instagram or Twitter using @ShapeArts #TheManyCostsOfLiving.

Below is an interactive map of locations. They are:

London Clapham Junction Station Peckham Rye Station Finsbury Park Station/Seven Sisters Road
Sheffield Fitzwilliam Street
Manchester Whitworth Street
Liverpool Parr Street
Glasgow Candleriggs

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Banner image: The Many Costs of Living billboards in Clapham Junction. Description: photograph of all four posters from the campaign in a row on a red brick wall. A variety of people are in the foreground, walking past and glancing at the posters. The photograph is taken from the opposite side of the street.