An independent Consultant expert in supporting best-in-field personnel to manage equality, diversity and inclusion and well-being initiatives that are evidence based. Key strengths include specialising in reviewing inclusive practice including inclusive design, disability confidence reviews/training and devising strategic/operational approaches in continually evolving and challenging circumstances for some of the best universities in the world and other global organisations; acting as a catalyst of change responsible for confidently managing complex equality-related challenges. As former Head of the University of Oxford’s Disability Advisory Service Pete collaborated on inclusion with all of Oxford’s teaching spaces, laboratories, libraries and museums. 

Key experience  

  • Wellcome Trust and Wellcome Collection: Neurodiversity Audit

Alongside a neurodiverse colleague Pete undertook a Neurodiversity Audit of the entire Wellcome building space comprising of the Wellcome Collection, Reading Room and Office and meeting environment. This combination of neurodiverse and neurotypical co-production enabled an overview of Wellcome's strengths, challenges and opportunities over a range of environments. The subsequent report enabled the Wellcome Trust to note what was successful and what changes could and should be made to enable a neurodiverse accessible environment.

  • Education University of Hong Kong: Consultant on Inclusive Teaching & Learning

Most recently Pete developed and delivered training for the HK Govt Education Board via EduHK to teachers from 120 schools across HK. As considered national expert, Pete has visited HK to deliver seminars to 800 participants enabling understanding of best practice on university transition, retention and success; resulting in different approaches to diverse talent in schools and some universities. Outside of HK education Pete has presented webinars on diversity and inclusion to HK blue-chip companies and facilitated visits from HK organisations to different universities in the UK. Pete succeeded in educating on diversity, he has been retained for 6+ years to date.

  • University of Derby: Inclusive Derby Project

Working with GCL Pete undertook an Inclusion Review of student living and learning spaces at the University of Derby. Student population nationally comprises high numbers of disabled students particularly with mental health difficulties and autism, so work focussed on ensuring well-being and customer service worked well together to ensure student experience was positive and empowered. 

  • Somerset House Trust: Relaxed Skate Session

Supported and mentored Somerset House’ development and delivery of relaxed skating session (creating an inclusive environment for SEND skaters) as part of the Ice- Skating provision at Somerset House in 2019. Provided a guidance checklist, training advice and ensured staff were confident in delivering a key development in their inclusion journey.

About Goss Consultancy Ltd
Nick Goss is Managing Director for Goss Consultancy Ltd (GCL). GCL works with a wide range of clients from all sectors to devise, develop, implement & evaluate inclusion strategies that are fit for purpose, are aligned with wider policy frameworks and can be effectively implemented across organisations and work programmes.

Their main work streams are training, consultancy and access audits. Highlights of GLC's work include:

  • Commissioned by the UK's Equality & Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to write large sections of the non-statutory guidance for the Equality Act 2010
  • Retained by the Arts Council England for 6 years to support the delivery of their equality & diversity strategy
  • Commissioned by the British Council & LOCOG to support the scoping of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad, with respect to ways of promoting disability equality
  • Founding member of the London Development Agency's blue print Independent Disability Equality Advisory Group.

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