Shape is proud to hold one of the UK’s most important collections of artwork by disabled artists, as well as non-disabled artists whose work relates to the experience of disability.

This expanding collection currently holds 20 works on long term or permanent loan including sculptural works by the late Adam Reynolds and the Incarnate photographic series by Tom Shakespeare. Other artists include Jason Wilsher-Mills, Caroline Cardus, James Lake and Tony Heaton. 

Work is available to loan on request. If you have any queries about the Shape Collection please contact [email protected] 


21 January 2016 marks the day we can proudly announce that the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act banner, created by artist Jason Wilsher-Mills, has been gifted to the Shape Collection. The banner was one of two works Jason was commissioned to make for 'The Beginnings of that Freedome' exhibition at Westminster Hall in 2015, which marked a year of events commemorating the emergence of the House of Commons and democracy since the sealing of Magna Carta 800 years ago.

1995 DDA commemorative banner, Jason Wilsher-Mills. Features cartoonish and dreamlike emblems and memorabilia floating around a central figure who sits in a wheelchair, wearing a mask

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Full press statement about the banner gifting, as well as background to the Parliament In The Making Programme can be found by clicking here

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Banner image: Tom Shakespeare 'Nightmare (After Fuseli)

Main body image: 1995 Disability Discrimination Act banner. Created by Jason Wilsher-Mills for the 2015 Parliament In The Making Programme. Commissioned by the House of Commons with the support of The Speaker's Art Fund.