This is Shape's report looking at audience behaviour and audience development in 2012-13, within the context of Shape's Audiences services. The aim of this report is to help organisations better understand disabled people as audiences, the barriers they may face and how they access the sector.

The report is intended to encourage organisations to think about how they can remove barriers to disabled people as audiences, in order to provide a more inclusive arts and cultural sector - working towards Arts Council England's goal that more people experience and are inspired by the arts. Shape aspires to see disabled people more engaged as audiences. We do this through developing arts opportunities for disabled people with the least engagement and by supporting arts and cultural organisations to be even more focused on attracting disabled people as audiences.

View the report: Understanding Disabled People as Audiences 2012-13

View the large print version of the report: Understanding Disabled People as Audiences 2012-13

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1. Cover

2. Introduction

3. Methodology

4. Key Findings

5. Beneficiaries' Profile

6. Audience Behaviour

7. Barriers Faced

8. Removing Barriers

Audience Development

10. Conclusion

11. Appendix 1

12. Appendix 2

13. Appendix 3.mp3