About Walk & Talk Access Reviews
Walk & Talk Access Reviews are designed to identify opportunity, increase learning and develop the confidence of key staff to maximise access for a wide range of disabled people positively and progressively across buildings, venues and other spaces.

How They Work

With Building Management personnel and other relevant staff, we will adopt a journey model to ‘Walk’ the building, reviewing access for a wide range of disabled people. A trained Access Advisor will then ‘Talk’ about both quick wins and suggested longer term access improvements.

What You Get

In addition to the above, we will provide you with a summary report identifying the area, the access considerations (including photographs where appropriate), the guidance, the recommendations, and priority and cost indications.

The real value of the Walk & Talk Access Review is the opportunity for participants to learn both how to maximise access of existing facilities, and progressively and effectively increase access in the future. Through a two way dialogue during the Review, we are able to understand how the area is managed and operated, ensuring that all suggestions are practical, creditable and appropriate.

The summary report provides both a baseline assessment of current access provision and a strategic planning tool for future access enhancements.

Download the Walk and Talk Access Reviews information sheet HERE.

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