Caroline Cardus was the recipient of the 2012 Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary.

Her residency took place at BALTIC, Gateshead

Cardus is a visual artist working across media, investigating personal and political identity through simple yet powerful messages. Her work explores the power of language, examining themes in popular culture and subverting familiar objects to reveal a layered notion of self.

The work 'Message to Barbara', created during Cardus’ residence at the Baltic, came out of an intense series of text messages between the artist and her friend Barbara Lisicki as a result of Barbara becoming seriously ill. Saved and treasured over a long time, this string of communication summarized the drama, humour, love, intense friendship and other issues surrounding Barbara’s coming to terms with the changes to her life post major surgery. Reproduced as a series of paper panels, while keeping the original text-speak acronyms, abbreviations and symbols as well as the typographic aesthetic of the mobile phone screen, the piece was exhibited as a large scale wall based piece, consuming the viewer with its relentless speech.

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