Banner image: The Way Ahead (montage) 2004


Affiliation with Shape: Winner of the 2011 Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary ; Shape also co-commissioned Caroline's 2021 series of the Way Ahead, first exhibited at Barnsley Civic June-August 2021

Artist Statement:

Text and narrative is an important part of Caroline Cardus' work. Text messaging is a common feature of modern life, and often we do not acknowledge how it has changed the way we communicate. The immediate, short format combined with the need to sum up the expression of intense emotion results in short, powerful statements with no preamble. Cardus' work is often about distilling an idea down to its simplest form; the nature of text message captures this process in a succinct and instant way.

'Message To Barbara' (2011); photographic print on foam

Dirty Words for Disabled People - Caroline Cardus
'Dirty Words for Disabled People'; stencil on canvas

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