Banner image: Photograph from Andrew's residency at Camden Arts Centre (2019).

Affiliation with Shape: Exhibited at the Shape Open 2013/14 ; Andrew contributed to the Shape Open 2020: The Future is Loading.

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Andrew Omoding is a Ugandan-British artist living in London. His work is intuitive and instinctive. Andrew creates large-scale sculptural forms by exploring his studio for buried treasures and using his tacit knowledge of form, shape, and construction to add and discard elements as he works. Building his creations through systematic layering, wrapping, and attaching, Andrew often uses textiles, patterns, and textures to complete a work.

Much of Andrew’s practice involves storytelling and performance, incorporating music and both written and spoken language. Andrew weaves, sews, threads, constructs, hammers and screws materials together merging with and becoming part of the work while simultaneously singing and telling stories.

Andrew’s work is personal, sometimes autobiographical and always intriguing.

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