Shape Open 2019: Submissions Open

Submissions for consideration of exhibiting at the Shape Open 2019 are now closed. Read more

Shape Open Retrospective

A retrospective of the past six years of the Shape Open, this exhibition re-examined a selection of key works, considering the history of disability policy and life for disabled people in a welfare state. Read more

Shape Open 2018

Shape Open 2018: 'Collective Influence', what influences you? What power does influence have to provoke change, and what capacity does it have to affect society? Read more

Shape Open 2017

Shape Open 2017: 'Power: The Politics of Disability', how do we creatively challenge the language of power, politics and disability? To what extent do we need art to be a form of political protest? Read more

Shape Open 2016

Shape Open 2016: ‘My Life’, artists were asked to express their ideas, drawing on memory, nostalgia and processes of internal reflection. Read more

Shape Open 2014/15

Shape Open 2014: '[In]visible', how does impairment affect our visibility within society? Do medical diagnoses, labels and changing definitions help or hinder our understanding of an individual’s lived experience? Read more

Shape Open 2013/14

Shape Open 2013/14: 'Disability Re-assessed', framed against the backdrop of the 2012 Paralympics celebrations and cultural Olympiad commissioning. Read more

Shape Open 2012/13

Shape Open 2012/13: 'Disability', our very first Shape Open welcomes work from both disabled and non-disabled artists. With work from abstract to the figurative, the personal to the political. Read more