Banner image: 'Quarantine Nap' from the Tender Collection (2020) by Charlie J. Meyers. Image courtesy of the artist.

Affiliation with Shape: Charlie contributed to the Shape Open 2020: The Future is Loading.

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Charlie J. Meyers is an artist working in figurative abstraction and portraiture, creating work from his studio in Philadelphia. Charlie’s work often focuses on relationships and pleasure as a form of political resistance, centring the concept of ‘erotic grief.’

About the 'Tender Collection' (2020) which Charlie contributed to The Future is Loading...

This body of work is a collection of figurative watercolours inspired by the concept of Spring Fever in quarantine. Spring fever invokes a sense of restless desire for romance and social connection. While stuck in quarantine, Charlie has turned to personal, archival material: memories, photographs, and films. Painted on hot-pressed watercolour paper with floral and earth tones, the paintings represent a tender reflection on love.

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