Banner image: Still from 'Cripple' (2019) by Christopher Samuel. Image courtesy of the artist.

Affiliation with Shape: Exhibited at the Shape Open 2012/13 ; Christopher contributed to the Shape Open 2020: The Future is Loading.

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Christopher Samuel is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice is rooted in identity and disability politics, often echoing the many facets of his own lived experience. Seeking to interrogate his personal understanding of identity as a disabled person impacted by inequality and marginalisation, Christopher responds with urgency, humour, and poetic subversiveness within his work. This approach makes his work accessible to a wider audience, allowing others to identify and relate to a wider spectrum of human experience.

About 'Cripple' (2019) which Christopher contributed to The Future is Loading...

Cripple explores the idea of idleness in the context of our reality in which disabled people have been pushed further to the margins of society as a direct consequence of austerity. The weaponisation of productivity under austerity means many view disabled people as lazy or idle and not deserving of help. Without support, however, their human rights are compromised, disabling them from participating in society and forcing them into a cycle of marginalisation.

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