Banner image: Still from 'The Path You Walk' (2020) by Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley. Image courtesy of the artist.

Affiliation with Shape: Danielle contributed to the Shape Open 2020: The Future is Loading.

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Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley is an artist living and working in London, creating works that seek to archive Black trans experience. Through an innovative use of technology, Danielle compels us to imagine our lives in environments that centre our bodies: those living, those that have passed, and those that have been forgotten.

About 'The Path You Walk' (2020) which Danielle contributed to The Future is Loading...

I hope these pages get to who needs them. Depending on your identity, the options may open up to you. You may deserve choice and you may not yet have earned trust in your own choices. Here those that have earned the right to choose will gain access to what they need... Others must only listen. They have taken far too much already and here, instead, we insist that we give them the bare minimum.

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