2000 - Spider's Web storytellers, founded by Liz Porter, Kate Portal and Ghislaine Walker
2000 - Shape projects 'Vinyl Producers' and 'Vinyl Dreams' - three artists selected
2000 - Five arts documentaries screened on HTV West about art + power and 'The Freedom Project', at Hampden Community Centre
2000, 21 January - DASH Bash Festival, Ludlow Assembly Rooms
2000, February - East Midlands Shape organise placing of sculptures in parks and woodlands across Leicestershire
2000, February - 'Getting Noticed', poster exhibition for young people for exhibition in schools, accompanied by Educational Resource Pack
2000, February - No Bony Abnormalities by Carrie Thomas, Diorama. Play about the people the author met 'while an inpatient of mental health clinics and hospital'
2000, 18 February - The Missing Piece showcase by The Graeae Theatre Company, culmination of a training course for young disabled actors
2000, March - D'Art magazine launched by WMDAF, 'a new publication by disabled people about disability art and disability culture' 
2000, March - Ian Dury dies
2000, 13-26 March - 'Finding a View' - NWDAF project where disabled people were given disposable cameras to document their lives. Images displayed at Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool
2000, March - High Spin Dance Company present The Surgeon's Waltz, Jackson's Lane Community Centre 
2000, March - Goodbye Asylum: The last ward at Shenley hospital by Brendan Wilson. Oral history project in photographs documenting the lives of people about to leave Shenley Hospital
2000, April - Shropshire Millenium Art commissions for new performance work
2000, April - New Breed Theatre Company present So here it is..., the culmination of two weeks of workshops led by Garry Robson
2000, May - Lifting the Lid, second disability film festival, at The Lux
2000, 26 May - Drake Music Project play at Millenium Dome
2000, May-June - Millenium Meltdown Disability Arts and Cultural Diversity Festival in Warwickshire
2000, 25 May - 'Access Denied?', major conference on disability, the arts and new technology, at Sadler's Wells
2000, June - Loose Screws CD by Core Arts
2000, June - Mad Pride, a celebration of mad culture
2000, 1-14 June - 'Devalued People' photographic exhibition by Peter O'Brien, Theatre Royal, Nottingham
2000, 21 June - Celebration of Disability Pride
2000, July - Beyond Reason, book of exhibition by Aidan Shingler
2000, 15 July - Mad Pride Festival, Clissold Park. Mad Pride is committed to ending discrimination against psychiatric patients, promoting survivor equality and celebrating Mad culture. Music from Panic, Stratford Mercenaries, Fish Brothers, Gertrude and Leviant
2000, 1-22 July - 'The Art of Disability - A Retrospective'. Exhibition of photographs by Steven Bloch at the Diorama Gallery
2000, 18 July - Disability event as part of 'Out of that Darkness: The Legacy of the Holocaust' (ICA week). Includes films Children of Gaia, After the Truth, Healing by Killing, Liebe Perla, One of Us, The Undesirables and discussions
2000, 18-20 August - Independence Festival 2000, Birmingham 
2000, 26 September - Getting Noticed, NDAF poster project launched at Tate Modern
2000, 20 September - 'Attitude is Everything' campaign for access in music venues. Launches with a gig at Dingwalls
2000, 18 September - 15 October - Transitions Disability Arts Conference and Season, Jackson's Lane
2000, 13-15 October - Fifth Deaf Film and Television Festival
2000, 29 November - 16 December - Tandem Theatre present Harold Pinter's Mountain Language and Landscape in British Sign Language
2000, November - Graeae Theatre Company present The Fall of the House of Usher, Jackson's Lane Community Centre
2000, November - Survivors Theatre Workshops, Jackson's Lane Community Centre
2000, November - Charnwood Disability Week, Loughborough Town Hall. Mayor unveils sculpture by local disability group. Followed by Bitter and Twisted, Jez Colbourne and Julie McNamara
2000, 1 December - International Day of Disabled People at the Drum, Birmingham. Featuring Steve Holland, Peppermint Lounge, Different Beat and Angry Fish, The Fugertivs and Julie McNamara with McNamayhem
2000, 9 December - Gigs and Festival 2000 by Mad Pride, featuring Headjam, Skinny Millionaires, Razz, Julie McNamara and MacNamayhem, Dan Antolopolski and Norrin Radd