The course is for anyone managing teams and / or wants to be the best leader they can be.

This 3-hour interactive session will look at how leaders can effectively, appropriately, and confidently champion Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) in the workplace.

The session will explore:

  • What ED&I is and why it is so important for individual, team, and organisational success.
  • The role and responsibilities of Managers re: ED&I.
  • The traits of inclusive leadership – what it looks like and the positive impact it can have on people, teams and organisations.
  • Managing in the new world – having confidence in championing ED&I in hybrid work environments and across intergenerational / multi-national teams.
  • The importance of inclusive language and behaviour and how to promote and embed this in the workplace.
  • Calling it in and calling it out – understanding the red lines and how to challenge effectively and appropriately in a non-confrontational way.

The session will also provide a high-level overview of the Equality Act 2010 and best practice in relation to inclusive leadership and provide an opportunity to discuss relevant scenarios and how to manage them in an inclusive way.

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