Latest Shape collaboration: Alexandrina was a selected artist for the Shape Open 2022 exhibition, In The Mirror. Alexandrina also presented work at our event 'Shards' in collaboration with the British Museum.

Artist Statement: Alexandrina’s creative practice lands in the fluid spaces of dance, choreography, writing, facilitating and advocacy. Their interests are both enduring and in expansive states of flux – or just in connection/relation to the processes within life and within living. They turn towards the sensorial, the bodily, the multiple subjective positions of self – and self in intimate relation to self and other selves – as ways to find breath and voice amidst the unjust and inequitable.

In 2020, Alexandrina founded Yewande 103 out of a commitment to work across dance and healthcare spaces to create tender, compassionate encounters with creativity.

Image of a performer, arms extended and wearing a shiny bodysuit, before a bright green background. Image is overlaid with BSL and captioning symbols. Image courtesy of Alexandrina Hemsley, from Maelstrom Under Glass Alexandrina Hemsley, Yewande 103 (2020). 

Maelstrom Under Glass, Alexandrina Hemsley

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Banner Image: A paper collage in landscape format. Made up of different images of plants, flowers and leaves torn from magazines, they are layered over each other to create a dense array of images.