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Artist Statement: Aidan Moesby is a visual artist and curator whose work increasingly explores civic and personal wellbeing. His practice is based around research and response, much of which is underpinned through conversations. These may be real, overheard, visual, imaginary or even virtual. He works extensively within arts and health, especially where art, technology and wellbeing intersect.

Moesby is fascinated by how we communicate and connect with ourselves, each other and the worlds we inhabit - He produces responsive interventions in which the works serve as the catalyst for a personal or communal exploration through an internal or socially active/engaged conversation. 

Moesby was selected as Salisbury International Arts Festival first Disability Associate in 2016. He audited the festival, venues, programmes and the organisation itself within a disability context. As part of this he curated and created a series of interventions, installation and provocations. His evaluation will inform how the Festival develops its future strategic approach to disability.

In 2015 he participated in the Tu Fewn programme to address the shortage of disabled curators in Wales. As a curator he explores the areas of wellbeing and weather in its broadest sense - the real physical weather, our internal weather and weather as a metaphor. This also brings in elements of climate crisis and change.

In addition to being an Artist Curator Moesby also writes, trains and lectures on Arts and Health, particularly mental health and disability.  He has worked and exhibited nationally and internationally and has held residencies at DCA Dundee, The Tetley and the Australian Network for Arts and Technology amongst others.

 Masks Connected - Lightbox/Print (2014)

'Masks Connected' (2014); Lightbox/Print 

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Banner image description: Sagacity - Periodic Table of Emotions (2015); Print. A multicoloured periodic table that has adjectives for each letter instead of the original element.