Latest Shape collaboration: One of the exhibiting artists in our 2022 Shape Open 'In The Mirror'. Mark also has shown work in the Breaking Pictures Artist Residency at Shape Gallery, Westfield Stratford & artist-in-residence at Liberty Festival 2017

Artist Statement: For Mark Tamer the click of the camera marks the beginning of the process. Often that initial image is just an inkling of an idea, a feeling that it may be interesting. This then needs further work to tease out, to chip away at, until Tamer can get to the essence of what it is. This process is a time of experimentation and of trying to find the correct expression of that initial idea. Tamer may have many versions, before choosing the image that best satisfies this.

As a child, much to the annoyance to the family, Tamer was always taking things like record players and radios apart to see how they work. More often than not Tamer would get an electric shock and often things wouldn't go back together quite right. However, this habit of pulling things apart has continued into Tamer’s photography. Never happy with the preferred way of making images, Tamer enjoy tinkering below the surface to see what lies beneath.

Since being diagnosed with a neurological balance disorder Tamer have been attempting to bring order, calmness and indeed more balance into the work. Tamer is interested in trying to reduce “what is before me” down to its simplest form whilst maintaining a sense of mystery that engages the viewer. More recently Tamer have begun exploring how “breaking” images relates to illness and vulnerability.Punk was a big influence to Tamer. Not just the music but the attitude, the DIY approach of just getting on with it, expressing yourself. Tamer loved the stripped down music, the freedom in just three chords. Tamer finds himself taking this approach to his images - stripping away the unnecessary to leave only barest amount of detail. Tamer is looking for the visual equivalent of that 2 minutes and 12 seconds of honed perfection that is Blitzkreig Bop.

A photographic self-portrait compiled of 25 square photographs, making up the whole image.

Image courtesy of the artist.

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Banner image: Untitled (details) Digital Print (2015). A black and white blurred photograph with a central stripe and a pier-like structure to the right.