Banner image: Still from 'The Go Fuck Yourself Choir' (2019) by Seren Metcalfe. Image courtesy of the artist.

Affiliation with Shape: Seren contributed to the Shape Open 2020: The Future is Loading.

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Seren Metcalfe is a Yorkshire-born but London-based multi-disciplinary artist and writer. Her research spans the themes of time, labour, energy, routine, and structure. Interested in the ways the body navigates space, Seren frequently mobilises parallels between cityscapes and landscapes or the Natural and the Mechanical in her work. Further exploring fame, television, consumerism, and class, Seren weaves her own memories into her work, creating her own language with which to speak about personal experience.

Seren is the founder of the Working Class Creatives Database.

About 'The Go Fuck Yourself Choir' (2019) which Seren contributed to The Future is Loading...

Guided by thorough research in much of her work, the Go Fuck Yourself Choir is the embodiment of Seren’s otherwise suppressed urge to react and respond to her immediate surroundings. Although initially envisioned as a formal choral piece, Seren’s choice to use volunteers and instruct them herself ultimately enriches the sentiment of the piece, which is not bashful in its commentary on tone policing and resource accessibility within the arts.

Watch Seren discuss 'The Go Fuck Yourself Choir' (2019), which she contributed to The Future Is Loading exhibition...

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