Latest Shape collaboration: Bianca was selected for the exhibition Layers of Vision in partnership with King's College Business School. She was also a featured artist in 2022's Shape Open, In The Mirror.

Artist Statement: Bianca Raffaella is a London-based fine artist. Graduating with a First Class (honours) degree 2016, where she was the first registered blind student to graduate from Kingston University with a degree in the Visual Arts. Since then, Raffaella has travelled internationally delivering lectures and contributing to interdisciplinary projects such as a collaboration with Institut Français de la Mode (IFM), where Raffaella was an invited fashion designer along with CHANEL to work with MA students on a collaborative fashion marketing project for a sensory fashion collection. 

In 2016 – 2018 Raffaella was selected as a keynote speaker for the ‘Beyond Seeing’ project at the Goethe Institute in Paris, where she presented her work and design methods to a group of international, fully-sighted, blind and visually impaired students and lecturers in 2019, Raffaella was awarded the NatWest Entrepreneurship Funding Prize for a bespoke sensory fashion label.

An abstract painting in portrait format of yellows, pinks and greys. It is covered in short sharp brush strokes.

Image: 'In The Rose Garden' by Bianca Raffaella, 2022.

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Banner image: A portrait painting of great delicacy in textured strokes of whites and creams. The darker brush strokes create a faint outline of a woman’s face, who gazes downward.