Latest Shape collaboration: Charlie was a selected artist for the Shape Open 2023 exhibition, Open All Hours. Charlie also presented work at our event 'Shards' in collaboration with the British Museum for Shape Open 2022.

Artist Statement: Charlie Fitz (she/her/they) is a UK based multimedia artist, writer, co-director of TRIAD³ c.i.c artist studio, a member of Resting Up Collective and a medical humanities postgraduate at Birkbeck, where she is a Wellcome Trust studentship recipient. 

Her work as an artist and postgraduate researcher is rooted in narratives and representations of illness, disability and trauma. Frequently exploring shame, objectification, power dynamics and the limits of language and representation. 

Since becoming sick Charlie utilises art as a meditative process, a form of cultural activism and a means to rebuild a self that is fragmented by trauma and illness through reclaiming narrative ownership of her experiences. 

Collaboration is often at the centre of her work to honour human vulnerability, interdependence and the need for communities and relationships of care as seen in her project Assisted Self-Portraits which was created with her partner in art & life Oscar Vinter.

A digital square collage with jumbled lettering and different fonts on a green background. Two illustrated figures, a skeleton and a Victorian woman stand on the left and right edge of the image. The collage text reads: ‘I am so tired of fighting to be believed’.

Advocacy Fatigue by Charlie Fitz

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Banner Image: A digital square collage with jumbled lettering and different fonts on a beige background. Two figures, a devil and an angel are central to the image. The collage text reads: My disabled identity is not affable to be feared or revered- with the word ‘feared’ within touch of the devil and ‘revered’ spelt vertically down the back of the angel, who faces away from it.