Latest Shape collaboration: An(Dre)a was a selected artist for the Shape Open 2022 exhibition, In The Mirror. Dre also presented work at our event 'Shards' in collaboration with the British Museum.

Artist Statement: An(Dre)a Spisto makes a mish mash of live theatre, art buffoonery, gallery interventaions, filmed and live filmed performance with a current view into technology, media and it’s relationship to perspectives as a queer, neurodiverse, immigrant. Trained at Lispa (Art-Haus Berlin) in Lecoq and embodied practices with a focus on clown through mask. Andrea’s work has been described as genre smashing, surreal, gentle and exuberant.

Dre’s solo work is based on playful autobiographical exploration through physical masks (characters) that delve into the corners of the psyche. Working with thematic vignettes, live improvisation, movement and music.

In 2019 Dre’s show Butch Princesa had a sold out run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it went on to be nominated for Best Cabaret, Best Performance Artist and Best Theatre show. In 2020 Dre was commissioned by Casa Festival to develop their film Isla/Island about their pandemic mental health breakdown. The observation and documentation of this day to day footage led to a psychological assessment and Dre received an autism diagnosis.

Film poster for the film

Isla by Andrea Spisto

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Banner Image: Photo by Rachel Cherry. Dre stands in a large grand foyer area pretending to be on the phone with a banana instead of a mobile. They wear an over-sized grey suit and thick rimmed glasses. A lone red folding stool is placed nearby in the background.