In addition to the physical banners around the UK, each of the four new works commissioned for The Many Costs of Living is available online as an animated campaign banner and in an audio described animation of all four works. You can find out more about the artwork below or by reading our exhibition catalogue.

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📢 Listen to a description of this animation:

About Eton Mess


Living Standards Inequality Education
Learning Conditions School meals Inflation
Pay Working hours Services
Rent  Food Energy costs
Social and medical care Transport


  1. Begin by reducing living standards, except for the wealthiest, to increase inequality. 
  2. Reduce funding in education to decrease the standard of learning conditions.
  3. Drop school meals and trim childcare.
  4. Slowly depreciate pay while extending working hours.
  5. Diminish services while increasing rent, food, and energy costs.
  6. Mix together tensions within the public transportation system.
  7. Season with crushed social and medical care.
  8. Make sure the dish is oven ready, avoid microwaving.
  9. Serve cold and let the markets decide the outcome.

Landscape digital print of a reimagined supermarket reduced food label. The label is striped in thick yellow and white with a black barcode across the middle with text top and bottom that reads: REDUCED, was HUNGRY, NOW FREEZING.

📢 Listen to a description of the artwork:

Banner image description: Digitally-rendered still capturing a virtual gallery-like environment, in which an artwork appears to be hanging from a white wall. The work is a digital print reimagining a supermarket label used for food packaging at its end of sell-by date. It is dominated by thick upper and lower borders in industrial yellow, which sandwich a block of white space across which runs a long barcode. Along the upper border, the word REDUCED shows in large capitals, and below it, under the barcode and in the lower border, set out like a promotional discount, we read: was HUNGRY, NOW FREEZING, with the word HUNGRY crossed through with a single black line. There is a shadow on the wall behind the artwork, creating a three dimensional effect in the still.