In collaboration with ArtsAdmin and Unlimited, we've created this Artists’ PR and Marketing Resource for any creatives who may benefit from guidance on how to promote themselves as artists, and their work and activity. We hope it can offer some useful tools and guidance to really help those making creative work to get it out there and grow their presence.

In the arts, PR and Marketing connect artists and their work to audiences, which includes viewers, press, critics, buyers, and potential new collaborators, supporters, programmers, funders and partners. As such, they’re very important in helping them to get their work seen, build their professional identities, and develop relationships with other people in the creative sector. 

PR stands for “public relations”, and refers to managing the spread of information between an individual or an organisation and the public. This is often done through the press and media. Marketing is the action or business of promoting (and often selling) products – in this case yourselves as artists, and your work – or services, including market research and advertising.

Adhering to these guidelines helps with the recognition of your work, which will help you to get promoters and programmers, as well as building up your own identity and presence as an artist.

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Banner Image: In Out There - installation view, Attenborough Arts Centre 2018. Image by Dani Bower

This resource was originally published by Unlimited.