Theme: [In]Visible

1 October 2014 - 31 January 2015
Shape Gallery, Westfield

The Shape Open 2014 - '[In]visible' was a group exhibition of artwork created by both disabled and non-disabled artists in response to themes such as, how does impairment affect our visibility within society? Do medical diagnoses, labels and changing definitions help or hinder our understanding of an individual’s lived experience? What are the implications of ‘disclosing’ or ‘coming out’ for people with invisible impairments?

Winning artist: Carly Jayne
People's Choice Award Winner: Lucy Hutson and Jack Haslam

Participating artists: Claire Butler, Radoslav Daskalov, Federico Gallo, Jane Gauntlett, Benjamin Gooch, Abigail Harris, Jack Haslam, Stephen Lee Hodgkins, Lucy Hutson, Aurora Ira, Carly Jayne, Laura Genevieve Jones, Ann Kelson, Philip Larry, Tracy Leech-Williams, Dene Leigh, Aaron McPeake, Ben Jack Nash, Amy Louise Nettleton, Matthias Neumann, Landon Peck, Ceridwen Powell, Thom Rees, Dolly Sen, Ellis Sharpe, Rachael Smith, Maryam Tafakory, Mark Tamer, Katie Tindle, Andrea Vincenini, Terence Walton, Andy Wild

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Banner image: Shape Open 2014 private view. Photo by Andy Barker