Banner image: Portable Den, 2021, photo: Wellcome Collection. Image description: The outline of a body lying on the floor is covered in a layer of brown leaves. The room around them is empty with a white wall and brown wooden floorboards.

Latest Shape collaboration: Sop was a featured artist in 2022's Shape Open, In The Mirror and was selected for the 'Shards' event at the British Museum.

Artist Statement: Sop is a torn and crooked leaf, a root embedded in the dirt, a shoot reaching to the sky. An artist and musician working in crip-time using sound, performance, writing, film and objects, frequently in collaboration with others who have also experienced chronic illness. They tend to centre modes of sociality and explore the use of voice as gesture through narrative. They have a particular interest in ‘healing’ practices outside of the medical-industrial complex, through nature, sound, breath/body work, group writing, dialogue and resource sharing. They are one half of Rita Munus, they sing in Child’s Pose, drum in Woolf and their solo music is called dmf. They are anti-clock, pro-informal-networks-of-care; anti-normality/standardisation; pro-interpersonal-dedication. They live and work in South East London.

Close up image of a person with cropped black hair. They breathe on a glass surface to created condensation. Below in white and black text it reads: I exist as much as what I see exists.

Image from 'Pneuma (Revisited), 2022'

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