These ‘Top Tips’ were made in consultation with young learning disabled people who were on the Advisory Group as part of Shape’s Articulate Project. They are aimed at employers who are working toward engaging with learning disabled people in and through employments. They are easy and practical ways to start your work with learning disabled people.

•    Reasonable adjustments are individual – talk to me about what I need
•    Provide information about the workplace in advance
•    Be clear when explaining things
•    Provide easy read / plain English and jargon free documents
•    Be patient
•    Be understanding
•    Have guidelines for us to follow
•    Remember Equal Opportunities – give people a chance
•    Be flexible
•    Look at ways of changing recruitment process – could the interview be task oriented
instead of questions from a panel?
•    Remember what it is like to be on an interview – people get nervous
•    Listen
•    Respect
•    Get all your staff on board – have Disability Equality Training
•    Have a buddy/mentor for me within the staff team – this should be someone who I can
go to when I need to ask questions or look for a little bit more support
•    Friendly atmosphere
•    Regular catch ups and supervision
•    Identify my strengths and work to them

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