Images courtesy of the artist. 'Break the Internet' (2020).

Affiliation with Shape: Yasmeen contributed to the Shape Open 2020: The Future is Loading.

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Yasmeen Thantrey is a London-based artist whose practice explores cultural identity, stereotypes, and problems she has encountered growing up as a South Asian in the UK. Consciously embedding her identity and perspective into her work, Yasmeen further challenges feminist notions of body hair and diet culture through the eyes of a brown girl, using photography, print, performance, film, installations, and soft sculptures.

Central to her practice - which is innately socio-political and, therefore, community-focused - is collaboration. Through meaningful creative exchange, Yasmeen’s work navigates both art activism and performance, acknowledging the centrality of the audience’s response and gaze to the narrative being unravelled. She aims to play and dismantle power structures through humorous loaded work that purposefully interrupts a white cube and institutional environment.

A photograph  taken from the back of a brown brick house. Looking up at a window. From the window white, sheer fabric hangs. On it is a printed figure. The figure wears an impossibly long black figure hugging dress, which stretches down past where th

About 'Break the Internet' (2020), which Yasmeen contributed to The Future is Loading...

A print of the artist dressed as Kim Kardashian West- recreating the magazine cover that 'broke the internet'. By hanging this work from a window, it aims to disrupt the natural flow of society, and thus, demand space in a world that oppresses fat women of colour.

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