In Circles

6- 19 September 2019
Nunnery Gallery, Bow Road

The Shape Open 2019 exhibition, titled In Circles, showcased artwork from both disabled and non-disabled artists.

It aimed to question whether progress for disabled artists is being made. Is our work counterproductive? Can we really shift institutional thinking? Or, are we simply going round in circles?

Disability Arts and the mainstream have long run parallel to one another whilst rarely converging. The conversations surrounding this divide have seemingly circled but what has come of it? Where are our points of connection and commonality? 

Showcasing art in a variety of forms, and supported by Shape Open Patron Yinka Shonibare CBE, the exhibition tackled these questions head-on.

Image Credit: Rachel Cherry.

Image Credit: Rachel Cherry.

This year’s Shape Open exhibiting artists were: Tony Allen, Richard Amm, Faith Bebbington, Coreen Bernard, Lizz Brady, Claire Callow, Sam Castell-Ward, Annie Ho Cooper, Daisy Cowley, Nikki Davidson-Bowman, Catriona Faulkner, Alice Rose Floyd, Steven Fraser, CL Gamble, Laura Graham, Michael Gurhy, Steven Hardy, Jack Haslam, Liam Hassan-Beserekumo, Tzipporah Johnston, Elora Kadir, Nihan Karim, Glynis Lamond, Carrie Mason, Campbell Mcconnell, Andrew McPhail, Jenny Meehan, Bella Milroy, Aidan Moesby, Steve Musk, Elfrida Osbert, Alice Partington, Beau Rouse, Amna Sharif, Anne Smith, Mark Tamer, Andrea Vicentini, Aminder Virdee, Ophir Yaron, Chan Chung Yuen.

Winning artist: Catriona Faulkner
People's Choice Award winner: Jack Haslam

This link takes you to the exhibition catalogue on the ISSUU website.

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