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Audio description 

This piece comes as a response to Covid isolation: immunocompromised and having to live on the third floor despite being a wheelchair user, Palmer created environments for her cats, who also shared her isolation, simulating the seasons for her similarly cooped-up cats.

About Abi Palmer

Abi is one of the new wave of DAM artists selected by open call to exhibit. Palmer is an artist, writer and filmmaker exploring the relationship between linguistic and physical communication. Her work includes Crip Casino - an interactive gambling arcade parodying the wellness industry and institutionalised spaces - shown at Tate Modern, Somerset House and Wellcome Collection (2018-21), and Sanatorium - a fragmented memoir exploring the experience of chronic pain from a luxury thermal spa and a blue inflatable bathtub. 

Image credits, Andy Barker

Image descriptions:
Banner image. A close up image of a corrugated cardboard structure, cube-like in shape, holding a boxy TV screen showing an artist film.

1. An image of an exhibition space, filled with prints, objects and sculptures. Central to the image, a boxy corrugated cardboard structure houses an old box-style TV. The wavy edge of the cardboard frames the TV screen. The screen depicts a black and white cat sat on the floor to the left, with an arm outstretched on the right hand side, blurred in motion.

2. Standing with a backdrop of a large yellow and red flag, people gather in an exhibition space looking at a cardboard structure housing a film. One person and a child wears headphones as they watch the film, hidden by the cardboard structure around it.

3. A corrugated cardboard structure, cube-like in shape, holds a boxy TV screen at an angle slightly upward into the space. At the base of the cardboard column, a black and brown cat sits looking out into the exhibition space. On the floor in black and white is a large vinyl which includes additional exhibition text and a QR code.