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Audio Description

From slave traders claiming black people couldn’t feel pain to contemporary doctors disregarding the words of black patients, Prescod’s film rejects this history of silencing black voices. Prescod builds her films collaboratively, developing a relationship with her interviewees before the cameras start rolling and organically developing the theme of the piece while it is created.

About Jameisha Prescod

Jameisha is another of the new wave of disabled artists who make up half the exhibition alongside veterans like Raabe-Webber and Mills. She was selected through the group of curatorial advisors engaged through our open call.  A born-digital creative, Prescod works in film and moving image, combining multiple different digital techniques to convey her art in this exhibition. Prescod’s film On Black Pain combines documentary, journalism, visual art and experimental filmmaking to explore the black and disabled lived experiences of herself and others. Avowedly political and deeply personal, On Black Pain tackles the silencing of black pain both historically and as lived experience now.

Image credit, Andy Barker

Image descriptions:

Banner image. Photograph of a large TV screen displaying a close up of a black person's face with long eyelashes. A person stands looking at the screen, their face lit up by the artworks.

1. A person with long brown hair wearing headphones stands with their back to the camera. On the brick wall in front of them is a large flat screen TV, displaying a blurred rural landscape.

2. In low lighting, two large flat screen TVs are hung next to each other on a brick wall. The screen on the left displays a blurred purple image with white captions that read 'It's a condition I was born with'. To the right, the screen displays an artwork in the form of a letter from the Job Centre. 

3. Obscured by a tall bright red sculpture of many donation collection pots stacked on top of one another, a large flat screen TV hung on the wall behind it shows the face of a black person lit by a deep blue light. The screen is blurred, but the person appears to be staring at the viewer.