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Audio Description

The sculpture explores both Terence and Richard III, the disabled villain with whom Birch shares scoliosis. Birch’s work explores exhaustion in its aesthetics, in contrast to the ‘positive representation’ of other DAM artists. But his work and ethos is that it doesn’t matter what your attitude is to the disabled body: it is present and must be reckoned with regardless of how ‘wrong’ you might find it.

About Terence Birch

Terence is another artist selected through the open call. Birch works in what might be called ‘The Debility Arts’, a branch of the DAM in which disabled or chronically ill artists are too exhausted, too debilitated, by barriers and by capitalism. The work focuses on the debilitated body, its lack of energy to strike back, and its incompatibility with the demands of work under capitalism as a critique of the system. His landmark piece, Grotesque Torso (Oh Richard, Darling, You Can Prove a Lover), captures both the power, the doubt and yet the persistence of his life in his work.

Banner image credit Andy Barker