Latest Shape collaboration: Alec was a featured artist in 2022's Shape Open, In The Mirror. Alec was also selected to present work at Shards, an event at the British Museum.

Artist Statement: Alec Finlay is an artist & poet whose work crosses over a range of media and forms. Finlay was awarded the 2020 Cholmondeley Award for services to poetry. Much of Finlay’s work considers how we relate to landscape and ecology, including place-awareness, hutopianism, rewilding, and disability access. Recent work includes Scotland’s Covid Memorial and Day of Access. Finlay has published over forty books and won seven Scottish Design Awards. Recent publications include I remember (2022), descriptions (2022), gathering(2018); th’ fleety wud (2017), minnmouth (2017), and ebban an’ flowan (2015).

A long thin wooden bird box, painted half in yellow and half in black. It is pinned to a large tree trunk. On the box in black and white text it reads: what

Questions and Answers by Alec Finlay. After Paul Celan.
Commissioned by CGP Gallery. Photograph: Damian Griffiths

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Banner image: A photo of someone wrapped in a grey blanket, lying on a bed with a grey coverlet. The person faces away from us with a foot and part of their leg is uncovered, revealing pale skin.