Affiliation with Shape: Naomi was a featured artist at our 2020 Tate Exchange. The inaugural Emergence bursary artists, Letty McHugh, Lauren Saunders, and Fae Kilburn, invited Naomi to participate in the event - co-produced by Disability Arts Online - as an emerging artist whose work they support. 

Scarecrow by Naomi is a predominantly black and white print of a scarecrow looking down and quite sad while white raindrops fall on a black background behind it. Cutting through the dark sky is a yellow lightning bolt.

Artist Statement: N.Ronke is a Narrative Printmaker and Digital artist whose work predominantly focuses on Horror and Folklore. 

Creating both sequential and single image narrative based on a mixture of self-made briefs inspired by cultural and historical research or around commissioned stories. 

Banner Image: "House of Edges" Naomi Ronke. Courtesy of the artist.

Body Image: "Scarecrow" Naomi Ronke. Courtesy of the artist.